why is steam important in early childhood education

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STEMencourages a hands on approach to 鈥榬eal life鈥?problem solving,fostering children鈥檚 natural curiosity as they are trying to make sense of their world. Lessons learned and opinions formed in early childhood are often carried through a lifetime. STEM in early childhood education aims to make learning fun.

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  • What is steam and how can it help my child?

  • STEAM is more than a buzzword in young children鈥檚 education. At Willowdale Children鈥檚 Academy, it is one of the core educational approaches to your child鈥檚 curriculum and learning. STEAM works as an access point to guide young children to explore, interact, discover, discuss and develop critical thinking.

  • Why is stem important in early childhood education?

  • The ideas and attitudes formed in the early years are likely to last a lifetime. STEM learning focuses on hands on and engaging problem solving skills that will foster a love of learning that can last a lifetime. Early childhood is the best time to introduce STEM learning for maximum impact.

  • How to introduce your child to STEAM learning?

  • Families do not need to wait to introduce a child to STEAM learning. Introducing STEAM learning can begin simply by pointing out why and how things in our everyday lives work. For example, when something falls to the ground, explain to your child that the object fell due to gravity.

  • What are the benefits of STEAM subjects?

  • They promote problem solving, and creative and analytical thinking. Many of the jobs that effect our economy include STEAM subjects. Accounting, architecture, medical research, and environmental studies all involve science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics.

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