why is family engagement important in early childhood education

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Family Engagement Is Essential in Early Childhood Education Increasing family engagement in early childhood education from birth to age 8 is essentialto lay a strong foundation for reading,math,and school readiness. Although families have a primary role in preparing their children for school,they often report feeling ill-equipped to do so.

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  • Why focus on family engagement in child education?

  • Families鈥?engagement in children鈥檚 learning at home and in early care and education programs can impact lifelong health, developmental and academic outcomes. from the early years to the early grades.

  • What is the family engagement recommendation program?

  • Provides recommendations to states, Local Education Agencies (LEAs), schools and community-based early childhood programs for implementing effective family engagement practices; and Highlights resources for states, LEAs, schools, and early childhood program to build capacity to effectively partner with families.

  • What are the benefits of parent engagement?

  • The positive outcomes of engaged parents are powerful: increased support for children鈥檚 learning at home, empowered parents, and improved family well-being. Children see benefits like improved cognitive development and academic performance, better social-emotional development, and improved health.

  • Why should parents get involved in early childhood education?

  • 鈥淭hey say that practice is what causes our brains to pattern, so if families are involved in the activities that the children are experiencing in the classroom, they鈥檙e going to have a much stronger framework to build their knowledge.鈥?Ferguson stresses that parents鈥?own skills increase when they are involved in the early childhood classroom.

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