why is family engagement important in early childhood education

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Family Engagement Is Essential in Early Childhood Education Increasing family engagement in early childhood education from birth to age 8 is essential tolay a strong foundation for reading, math, and school readiness. Although families have a primary role in preparing their children for school, they often report feeling ill-equipped to do so.

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  • Why is parental engagement in education important?

  • According to Youth.gov, research shows that parental or family engagement in a child鈥檚 education can improve their test scores, attendance, social skills, relationships, behavior and how a child feels about school. Why is family engagement associated with such positive outcomes?

  • Why is family engagement important?

  • Positive family experiences are crucial to a child鈥檚 healthy development and learning, but family engagement goes far beyond the four walls of a family home. According to the National Association for Family, School and Community Engagement (NAFSCE), family engagement is:

  • How to engage families in early childhood education?

  • An easy way to engage families in early education is to share the classroom鈥檚 daily schedule. This will inform parents on how their child鈥檚 day is structured, the length of time their child participates in different activities, and gives them an option for how to structure their weekends and summers similarly.

  • Why should parents get involved in early childhood education?

  • 鈥淭hey say that practice is what causes our brains to pattern, so if families are involved in the activities that the children are experiencing in the classroom, they鈥檙e going to have a much stronger framework to build their knowledge.鈥?Ferguson stresses that parents鈥?own skills increase when they are involved in the early childhood classroom.

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