why is diversity important in early childhood education

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Earlychildhoodis the ideal time to begin emphasizing the importanceof diversity, equity and inclusion. Helping young students recognize the differences in genders, cultural backgrounds or physical abilities will help them become more considerate citizens and address injustice and discrimination as they grow.

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  • Why teach diversity and inclusivity in early childhood education?

  • Diversity and inclusivity is a hot topic and for good reason. Teaching children to have cultural awareness from a very early age is the best way forward to crack those stereotypes and help prevent future classroom racism and bullying. Culture and diversity is not widely touched on in those early years at preschool.

  • Why do we need diversity in the classroom?

  • 4 Reasons Why Classrooms Need Diversity Education. This encourages students to recognize themselves and others as individuals. It also encourages the appreciation of a diverse school population, and brings a sense of connection between disparate cultural heritages within a single school鈥檚 culture.

  • How can I teach diversity to my Children?

  • By engaging children in culturally responsive experiences we know that their awareness and inclusion of diverse cultures and beliefs increases. And you can never start too early. Learning does begin at home, but unfortunately not all parents are aware or even know how to teach diversity. You don鈥檛 know what you don鈥檛 know after all.

  • What do preschoolers need to know about diversity?

  • Preschoolers鈥?screen exposure to diversity often comes in the forms of tokenistic animal species in varying colours, rather than authentic human characters of different racial, religious, sexual and other backgrounds. It鈥檚 no surprise these young children have limited understanding of cultural unawareness when they start nursery.

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