why is dap important to early childhood education

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Why is DAPimportant in early childhood? DAP reduces learning gaps,increases achievement for all children,and allows students to share and engage in the learning process while they solve their own problems as they learn new information (Compple Bredekamp,2009).

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  • What is DAP in early childhood education?

  • of DAP or Developmental Appropriate Practices according to the National Association Education of Young Children is the importance of Teachers being able to meet children where they are, as individuals, and as a whole group when it comes to social/cultural development. With an emphasis on helping child reach challenging and achievable goals.

  • What is developmentally appropriate practice in early education?

  • Developmentally appropriate practice is an approach to teaching designed to promote optimum learning and development outcomes. This framework is grounded in the research on how young children develop and learn and examines the most effective teaching strategies in early education (NAEYC, n.d., 鈥淒AP鈥?.

  • What is the DAP framework?

  • The DAP framework is grounded both in the research on child development and learning and in knowledge about educational effectiveness and promotes young children鈥檚 optimal learning and development.

  • Why do teachers aspire to use developmentally appropriate practices?

  • As stated by Bullard (2010), 鈥渢he environment we are in affects our moods, ability to form relationships, effectiveness in work or play-even our health (p. 3). Why do teachers aspire to use developmentally appropriate practices (DAP)? 1. Children are the number one priority and it is the right thing to do .

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