why did the taliban ban education

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  • Will Taliban ban women鈥檚 education in Afghanistan?

  • But after its failure to allow girls to return to schools, many fear that the fundamentalist group will revert to its previous handling of women鈥檚 education 鈥?by effectively banning it altogether. Between 1991 and 2006, under Taliban rule, Afghan women were not permitted to go to schools or universities.

  • What are the Taliban鈥檚 changes to education?

  • The Taliban have changed the curriculum in the schools they control in the southeastern Logar province where Mohammad Agha is one of its five districts. More crucially, they allow boys to complete their high-school education by going through all 12 grades but restrict girls to only six.

  • Why are Afghan girls being turned away from schools?

  • Afghan girls were turned away from high schools on Wednesday upon learning that the Taliban had reversed its decision to reopen all-girl schools. In August 2021, Afghanistan fell under Taliban control after the U.S. withdrawal. Since then, girls of high school age have not returned to school.

  • Why did the Taliban attack Malala鈥檚 School?

  • Just days after Malala鈥檚 shooting, the Taliban tried to blame the teenager for her own attack, claiming, 鈥淲e did not attack her for raising voice for education. We targeted her for opposing mujahideen (holy warriors) and their war.鈥?Advertisement This is a poor smokescreen for their real motivations.

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