why are theories important in early childhood education

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Not everyone learns the same

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  • Why is it important to have theories of child development?

  • It is crucial to a child鈥檚 development that they, as educators, are providing them with the best theories of child development and that if there are any obstacles presented to a child on their road to success, that they implement the best theories and practices in order to ensure that they succeed.

  • Why is it important to be educated in early childhood education?

  • In early education, information is ever changing, due to the research of child development being an ongoing topic of discussion. By being educated in these theories, and the theorists that provided us with their practices, they are able to better ourselves as educators and supply ourselves with a vast knowledge of child development.

  • What is the importance of theory in education?

  • Theories also provide a link between educational research and practices providing 鈥渢ools to organize and translate research findings into recommendations for educational practice鈥?(Schunk, 2020). They can also 鈥減rovide a basis for judging the accuracy and usefulness of beliefs鈥?(Lefranois, 2019).

  • What is the best theory for infant and Child Psychology?

  • The most popular theory that provides the framework used in this analysis of infant and child psychology is Piaget鈥檚 stages of cognitive development and Vygotsky鈥檚 sociocultural theories. In both of these theories you鈥檒l find it has its strengths and weaknesses.

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