why are listening skills important in early childhood education

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Listening and attention skills are vital inbuilding a child鈥檚 cognitive,behavioral and affective aspects. It is essential they develop this ability to interact and communicate with the world efficiently.

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  • Why is listening important in early years education?

  • Listening is one of the basic building blocks of language and communication and, particularly in the early years of education, one of the main vehicles for a child鈥檚 learning. Up to 80 per cent of learning in the early years is verbal and this is why, as practitioners, we are so concerned to see children with poor listening skills.

  • What are the effects of poor listening skills in children?

  • Language and communication. Poorly developed listening skills may also have an impact on a child鈥檚 language and communication development. Listening to other people speaking enables children to develop vocabulary, comprehension and language skills.

  • How can I help my child develop good listening skills?

  • You can help children in your setting to develop their listening skills by trying these activities for children from birth to five years. Choose different materials from around your setting. This can be anything that will make a good noise when scrunched up, e.g. bubble wrap; tissue paper or wrapping paper.

  • Why is it important for parents to listen to children?

  • Knowing how to listen to children requires effort from parents. This guarantees a positive impact on their growth and development. Not all parents are good at listening. However, with a little effort, they can develop and improve their listening skills.

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