who is the father of early childhood education

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  • What is the history of early childhood education?

  • The History of Early Childhood Education in the United States In America, the Head Start Program, launched in the 1960s for low-income children, had an unintended consequence. Although it was very effective, the title gave parents the impression that education was a race, and that the earlier you start, the earlier and better you finish.

  • Why early childhood curriculum?

  • The early childhood curriculum is the most holistic and least differentiated at any level of education. It is also the most solidly grounded in philosophy, in clearly articulated methodology, and in theory and research.

  • Is it the right time to enter the early childhood education profession?

  • More households than ever before have both the mother and father employed outside of the house, which means there has never been a better time to enter the early childhood education profession. What is Early Childhood Education?

  • What are the basic principles of early childhood education?

  • While there are differences in the approaches of these progenitors of early childhood education, they are overshadowed by one common principle: that early childhood curriculum and practice must be adapted to the maturing needs, abilities, and interests of the child.

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