which statement does not correspond to early criminal justice education

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  • Which does not form the basis for policymaking activities in criminal justice?

  • cultural beliefs of right and wrong The tension between individual rights and social responsibility does NOT form the basis for policymaking activities in the criminal justice arena. t/f false Which of the following advocates would support the interests of society over those of an individual?

  • Which is an accurate representation of how the criminal system works?

  • The systems model of criminal justice is an accurate representation of how the criminal justice system works. t/f true Which stage of the criminal justice process is an adversarial process that pits the prosecution against the defense? trial One purpose of ________ is to provide an opportunity for bail. first appearance

  • What is evidence based practice in criminal justice?

  • Evidence-based practice refers to crime-fighting strategies that have been scientifically tested and is based on social science research. The crime epidemic of 1850鈥?880 was related to social upheaval caused by large-scale immigration and the Civil War.

  • What is the Classical School of thought in criminology?

  • One of the most important features of the classical school of thought was its emphasis on the individual criminal as a person who is capable of calculating what he or she wants to do, which basically means that individuals know the difference between right and wrong (Lilly, Cullen, Ball, 2015; University of Cincinnati, 2018).

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