which policy does not influence early childhood education

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  • How do public policy and education reform affect education?

  • Public policy and education reform influence the issues and trends in how educators will be providing services to young children. Federal and state law makers realize that reaching kids early is vital to closing the achievement gap.

  • What are the challenges of early childhood education?

  • These state-funded programs are available for all children of a certain age regardless of income or other risk factors. When early learning initiatives from public policy decision-makers increase, so do unforeseen challenges. Child care is a massive industry but the current system is broken. Preschool teachers suffer long hours, low pay and status.

  • What are the issues affecting reform in early childhood education?

  • Issues Affecting Reform. Early Childhood Educators must continually cope with families that put inappropriate pressure on legislators and administrators to revise curriculum and instruction. Some education reformists push for earlier introduction to reading and math and emphasize academic achievement.

  • What can state legislators do to improve early childhood education?

  • State legislators also create short- and long-term task forces as a means to tackle particular early childhood issues, such as improving school readiness or examining child fatalities in child care centers. Data integration is the process of linking data from multiple sources to drive data-informed decision-making at the program and policy levels.

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