which policy does not influence early childhood education

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  • What are the federal policies that affect early childhood education?

  • Similarly, federal policies that affect early childhood education should be seen as an integrated system. These policies encompass health, mental health, nutrition, child care, education, family support, and child protection (see Figure 3-1).

  • Is the early childhood policy agenda relevant for Health and education budgets?

  • Similarly, policy makers need to understand that the early childhood policy agenda is as much about health as it is about education. Such an understanding would make it possible to consider early childhood investments as relevant for both health and education budgets.

  • What is the impact of early childhood education?

  • For the approximately 12 million children under age 6 who are cared for by someone other than a family member, high-quality early care and education can positively affect their social, emotional and cognitive development in ways that have lifelong implications, including readiness for and achievement in school.

  • What’s new in early childhood health care?

  • Recent federal policy changes have brought new attention to early childhood, with a particular emphasis on prenatal care to age 8.

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