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  • What are the trends in early childhood education for 2021?

  • From the latest research to the pandemic, here are the trends we鈥檙e seeing in early childhood education for 2021: 1. Remote Learning No one will see the inclusion of remote learning on this list as a surprise. 2020 brought us many things, and remote learning seems like it is here to say (at least for the foreseeable future).

  • Why is Early Childhood Care and education important?

  • The period from birth to eight years old is one of remarkable brain development for children and represents a crucial window of opportunity for education. UNESCO believes Early childhood care and education (ECCE) that is truly inclusive is much more than just preparation for primary school.

  • What can I do with a degree in early childhood education?

  • Graduates of Early Childhood Education programs at Rasmussen College are not eligible for licensure as a teacher in an elementary or secondary school. A Bachelor鈥檚 degree and a state teaching license are typically required to work as a teacher in a public school and some private school settings.

  • What are social skills in early childhood education?

  • Social skills are rapidly developing in children during their time in early education centers. Early Childhood News suggests that instead of students working individually with their own computers, once children are each practiced with a computer program, they might work in groups around an element of technology.

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