what to do with an early childhood education degree

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What you dowith your earlychildhoodeducationdegreeis up to you, but some of the options include: Working as a teacher, preschool through the third-grade. Working at or running a Childcare Center, as a caretaker, director, or other administrative position.

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  • What can you do with a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education?

  • The Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in early childhood education can qualify the graduate for the state licensing exams and a teaching license in a general or specific teaching category.

  • How long does it take to become an early childhood education specialist?

  • The Master鈥檚 level requires about 30 to 35 credit hours and a bachelor鈥檚 degree. The bachelor 鈥檚 degree can be in the field of early childhood education or some unrelated field. If the undergraduate degree is unrelated, then students will take additional prerequisite education courses.

  • What is the curriculum of early childhood education courses?

  • The curriculum has general studies and a core of early education courses. The associate degree is the shortest educational track to getting a job in early childhood education, and it can be a basis for a bachelor鈥檚 degree.

  • What grade level can you teach with an early childhood education degree?

  • With an early childhood education degree, you can teach from pre-K through the third grade, provided you meet other requirements by your state or territory. Of course, if you go back to school and earn a masters or Ph.D. degree there鈥檚 no limit to what grades or educational levels you can end up teaching.

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