what should a portfolio in early childhood education contain

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In early childhood education, portfolios should contain astatement of purpose and a wide variety of work samples, including successive drafts of work on particular projects. Children should be involved in choosing items to preserve so that they can analyze their work themselves. USING THE PORTFOLIO IN EVALUATION

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  • Are child portfolios in early childhood settings necessary?

  • Child Portfolios in Early Years Education – How to make them effective. Child Portfolios in Early Childhood Settings 鈥?Are they Necessary? One of the questions I am most often asked by other educators working in the early childhood profession with the EYLF outcomes is 鈥淒o you do child portfolios?鈥?The short answer is NO.

  • What should be in a preschool portfolio?

  • The portfolio may contain artwork the child has created, pictures taken of the child during school hours, and anecdotal notes recorded by the teacher. Four key areas should be documented in a preschool portfolio. These include fine and gross motor skills, social and emotional development, cognitive development, and language and literacy skills.

  • What is the EYLF child portfolio?

  • With the introduction of the EYLF there has been the introduction of the child portfolio. Portfolios are considered the most common form of documentation to show families their child鈥檚 progress throughout the year and then given to families to take home at the end of the year.

  • How can I get my child to contribute to their portfolios?

  • When selecting work samples to add into portfolios, ask the child if they want that particular piece of work displayed in their portfolio. Get the child to also contribute by choosing what they will like to keep within their portfolio or to take home instead.

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