what makes a quality early childhood education program

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A quality Early Childhood Education Programme is expected to have the following components:Age and developmentally appropriate curriculum Adequate opportunities for play

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  • What makes a high-quality Early Childhood Program?

  • The workforce is the most critical component of quality in an early childhood program. All teachers need to have a foundational knowledge of child development and be able to lead activities that promote children鈥檚 learning at various ages. This important role requires that teachers have formal education and training in early childhood education. 42

  • What makes a good early childhood education program?

  • The learning environment created by a teacher is critical to the quality of an early childhood program. 25 The experiences that a child has in their earliest years shape their development, and teachers play an important role in creating those experiences.

  • What is quality in early childhood education?

  • An approach that 鈥渓ets children be children鈥? which means learning through play and experiencing a wide range of artistic, cultural, cognitive, social and physical activities. See Factors that set the stage for quality for more details and our additonal resources on quality .

  • Why invest in early childhood education?

  • A consistent cash flow is needed to create business stability, assist families with tuition, and guarantee program quality. With more parents relying on early childhood programs for their young children, the need for high-quality education will continue to grow.

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