what is the reggio emilia approach to early childhood education

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The ReggioEmilia Philosophy is an advanced and inspirational approach to early childhood education. This philosophy considers the child as strong,competent,and flexible; rich with curiosity and willingness to know.

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  • What is the Reggio Emilia approach to early years?

  • The environment is often referred to as the 鈥榯hird teacher鈥?in the Reggio Emilia approach to early years education. The environment represents all of the things that are valued. The entrance areas are welcoming to families, the layout is tidy and practical while the atmosphere is calm and joyful.

  • What is the Reggio approach to education?

  • The approach to education was coined decades ago, and the history of its inception is quite profound and interesting, too. According to sources, it was developed way back in the 1950s. It was curated in the early setting of childcare, and the name has been derived from a place called 鈥淩eggio Emilia鈥?tucked somewhere in Northern Italy.

  • What is Reggio-inspired education?

  • We asked ECE experts in Reggio-inspired education to fill this picture with a little more color. What is Reggio Emilia? Broadly speaking, Reggio Emilia is an approach to early childhood learning named after the town where it originated in Italy.

  • Why Reggio Emilia for non-verbal learning?

  • Although literacy and numeracy are recognised as important, Reggio Emilia-inspired settings put additional value on the many non-verbal 鈥榣anguages鈥?children communicate through, such as gestures, glances and emotion.

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