what is the purpose of assessment in early childhood education

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Assessment in early childhood education is a comprehensive framework that helps inevaluating a student鈥檚 present level of knowledge and skills. This framework benefits the student as the teacher can design a curriculum suited to a learner鈥檚 needs and thereafter derive a suitable learning progression.

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  • What are assessments in early childhood education?

  • Assessments in early childhood support the ability to provide individualized and 鈥渏ust right鈥?activities for students across areas of development that research has shown are important for later academic learning and life-long success.

  • Why do we conduct assessments?

  • Proposes a fourth reason for assessment: accountability. This purpose means assessments are conducted with children so that early childhood centers can demonstrate how they have been working with children and families to address governmental requirements associated with the provision of early childhood and/or primary education.

  • What are the appropriate purposes for assessing young children?

  • 鈥?Appropriate purposes for assessing young children and uses for assessment results o Defining appropriate uses and identifying user groups o Identifying potential misuses of assessment results o Using children鈥檚 assessment results to make decisions about programs 鈥?Decisions to be made in assessing young children o Choosing domains that should …

  • What is the purpose of assessment of children鈥檚 learning and development?

  • In the following sections we discuss many purposes for which assessment of children鈥檚 learning and development is employed, beginning with several purposes associated with determining the level of functioning of individual children, and progressing to the purpose of guiding instruction, and then measuring program or societal performance. After b…

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