what is supervision in early childhood education

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Supervisionis an integral part of the whole education and care experience. At its most basic level, supervisionhelps to protect children from harm and hazards that may arise in their daily experiences in play, interactions with others, and daily routines.

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  • What is reflective supervision in early childhood education?

  • Early childhood educators can find success using reflective supervision, a concept borrowed from the social work profession. A recent national trend in education is the development of statewide standards of quality for early childhood education programs.

  • What is the role of supervision in early years settings?

  • The role of supervision in early years settings remains a requirement in the latest statutory framework for the EYFS. Providers must put appropriate arrangements in place for the supervision of staff who have contact with children and families.

  • What is adequate supervision of a child?

  • Although the provision of adequate supervision depends somewhat on the children鈥檚 ages and abilities, every child at the service should always be monitored actively and diligently. It means knowing where children are at all times. Children of different ages and abilities will need different levels of supervision.

  • How many educators are needed to provide adequate supervision?

  • The number of educators needed in each area of the service for adequate supervision will need to be carefully considered. It will depend on the number of children and the different areas in which the children are located at any one time during the day.

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