what is structural quality in early childhood education

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Structural quality is defined as the so-calledregulable,more distal aspects of early childhood education (ECE),such as group size,child-to-teacher ratio,or teachers鈥?qualifications(e.g.,Howes et al.,2008),which are regarded as important preconditions of process quality (Cryer,Tietze,Burchinal,Leal,Palacios,1999

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  • Does structural quality affect process quality in early childhood education and care?

  • The relationship between structural quality and process quality in early childhood education and care (ECEC) has been addressed in several studies. However, the findings are not conclusive.

  • What is quality in early education?

  • Defining Quality in Early Education Research in early childhood has shown the critical importance of high-quality educational experiences for children from birth to kindergarten. As Tennessee strives to ensure that all students succeed

  • What is structural quality?

  • Structural quality enables the elements of process quality to operate and have the fullest impact on childrens outcomes (Fenech, 2011).

  • Why is Early Childhood Care and education important?

  • … Investment in children at an early age makes a significant contribution to the quality of education in general and the future life of the child in particular. Whitebread et al. (2015) indicated that ECCE is critical for later academic achievement and overall well-being.

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