what is steam in early childhood education

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Science, technology, engineering, art and math

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  • Why is steam important in early childhood education?

  • As children engage with science, technology, engineering, art and math, they are also building a strong foundation for learning in all subjects. With a little guidance from you and your child鈥檚 teachers, your young explorer will develop a love of STEAM and learning for life.

  • What is stem in early childhood education?

  • Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in early childhood education is an area currently given little attention in the literature, which is unfortunate since young children are natural scientists and engineers.

  • What is a steam teacher?

  • STEAM, like it鈥檚 counterparts STEM and Arts Integration, is based on a foundation of integration. We鈥檙e trying to look at these areas of science, technology, engineering, the arts and math in tandem, rather than apart. By limiting or labeling someone as the 鈥淪TEAM Teacher鈥? you鈥檙e cutting out the very heart of this idea. We鈥檙e all STEAM teachers.

  • What are the best books on Steam in early childhood education?

  • Dejonckheere, P. J. N., De Wit, N., Van de Keere, K. Vervaet, S. (2016). Exploring the classroom: Teaching science in early childhood. International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education, 8 (4), 537鈥?58. Doyle, M. (2017). Elements of Ar t. STEAM. Draper, C. L. Wood, S. (2017). From Stumble to STEM: One School鈥檚 Journey

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