what is social justice in early childhood education

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Social justice in early childhood education and careaims for better participation in alignment with and adherence to international human rightsand therefore works with the groups interested in the rights of children. Many people find it hard to understand fairness as it is commonly and in most cases misunderstood for equality or being equal.

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  • Why teach social justice in early childhood education?

  • Early childhood education is in a precarious situation. We believe that social justice and ecological teaching offers a much-needed vision for early childhood education in the face of the challenges weighing on the field and confronting the planet. Social justice teaching grows from children鈥檚 urgent concerns.

  • What are the goals of social justice in education?

  • The goals of social justice in education include more empathy, more justice, and more equality. Students taught with this framework will ideally have a stronger sense of what鈥檚 just and fair, and choose careers and lifestyles that support their communities.

  • What is social justice and ecological teaching?

  • Social justice and ecological teaching reframes our work as educators from a too-heavy focus on academic skills that actually diminishes the capacity for deep learning, and offers, instead, an emphasis on thoughtful observation, reflection, and planning on behalf of children鈥檚 dispositional and developmental learning.

  • What are the barriers to teaching social justice to young children?

  • Employing critical sociocultural theory and drawing on plticas as a method, four primary barriers were identified: lack of time, lack of culturally relevant materials, lack of knowledge, and the belief that social justice topics were inappropriate for young children.

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