what is schema in early childhood education

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Child development theory

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  • What is a schema in child development?

  • A schema is a pattern that a child loves to repeat in their play. 6. Noticeable characteristics of schemas: Schemas repeat. While working on schemas children often seem fascinated; they concentrate and are deeply engaged.

  • What is enclosure schema in early childhood education?

  • A more physical activity may be creating various enclosures in the environment using materials, pegs, strings, crates and boxes. Providing new and interesting resources for free play enables a child learning through an enclosure schema the freedom to create their own area. In this way, the adult is facilitating the play rather than leading it.

  • What are clusters of schemas?

  • Clusters of schemas develop into later concepts (Athey, 2007). Schemas are often described as children鈥檚 fascinations. There are many different types. Sometimes the activities may seem a little strange or even irritating to adults, but to the child, it鈥檚 a necessary step in their understanding of the world and themselves.

  • Why is it worth being able to recognise schemas?

  • It’s worth being able to recognise schemas because they are sources of much learning and development in children as well as confusion and frustration in adults. Therefore, understanding schemas makes responding to children’s behaviour more effective and fun in many ways and on many levels.

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