what is redirection in early childhood education

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Redirection is aform of discipline that is intended to guide a child鈥檚 behavior from inappropriate to appropriate. Redirection strategies reduce the use of punishment techniques and promote exploratory learning, according to Family Development Resources, Inc.

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  • What is redirecting behavior in early childhood education?

  • Redirecting behavior is a proactive method for dealing with challenging behavior. It maximizes a child’s engagement in learning by giving the child alternatives to a behavior that teachers consider problematic. Redirecting Behavior is one in a series of in-service suites on behavior guidance. This is the House Framework.

  • When should redirecting a child be used?

  • Regardless of the type of redirection, it is used when the teacher notices that the child’s attention is flagging or the teacher notices that the child is on the verge of losing control or showing frustration in a way that teachers consider problematic. Redirection happens before the problem behavior.

  • What are the different types of redirecting in the preschool classroom?

  • Four types of redirecting are most commonly used in the preschool classroom: Verbal redirecting: A teacher gives an instruction which distracts the child from the challenging behavior and directs him to a more appropriate activity.

  • What is physical redirecting in special education?

  • Physical redirecting: A teacher physically prevents a child from engaging in a challenging behavior and redirects her to an alternative or new activity. Redirecting with a cue that is visual or gestural (e.g., a picture or gesture).

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