what is project approach in early childhood education

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Interactive process

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  • What is the project approach to learning?

  • Introduced to early childhood education almost a century ago, the project approach to learning gives children the freedom to follow their own interests, gain deeper understanding, and figure out solutions in their own unique way.

  • What is Early Childhood Education and why is it important?

  • Early childhood educators set the foundation for a child鈥檚 future success in school and in life. Things have changed radically in the field of early childhood education. Schools describe their early childhood programs using terms like Reggio-Inspired, Montessori, The Project Approach, Thematic Curriculum.

  • What is the goal of the project approach?

  • The goal of the project approach is to provide a framework for education. Through this thorough yet adaptable set of ground rules, young students become invested in their own education and motivated to pursue their own areas of interest in the classroom and beyond. What Is a Project Approach?

  • What has changed in early childhood education?

  • Actually, a good deal has changed based on current research of how young children learn. More and more schools are introducing early childhood programs that reflect emergent curriculum: curriculum that emerges from the interests of the child. Where did this come from?

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