what is professionalism in early childhood education

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  • What is professionalism in child care?

  • Professionalism refers to the utilization of specialized knowledge that its members need to accomplish specific outcomes. It involves a shared set of skills that are used to improve the quality of caregiving practices and interactions between professional caregivers and the children and families that they work with in their respective programs.

  • What is professionalism?

  • 鈥?Early Childhood Professionalism Professionalism is a term that is used in different fields of work. Professionalism can vary slightly from field to field but is a key term used in all fields of work. So we often ask… what is professionalism?

  • What is an early childhood educator?

  • Early childhood educators are known by a variety of titles, among them child caregiver, teacher and child care provider. Whatever the title we are given or call ourselves, we want to be sure we are meeting professional guidelines of behavior.

  • Do you want better wages and benefits for early childhood professionals?

  • Knowing that you want better wages and benefits for Early Childhood professionals is the easy part. The hard part is fighting to ensure that happens. Some say that it takes a village to raise a child. Well the same can be said for the field. It takes a village to be heard. Be part of the village. Be part of the change.

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