what is partnership in early childhood education

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A partnership,which is the definition outlined in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework,involves鈥榩arents,caregivers,and professionals who are working together. An ideal partnership is one that trusts people,involves transparency and is accountable to all parties.

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  • What are the benefits of part partnerships in early care?

  • Partnerships can help families and staff feel comfortable about approaching each other and relying on one another for support. 1Baker, A.C. Manfredi Petitt, L.A. (2004) Relationships, the heart of quality care: creating community among adults in early care settings. Washington: National Association for the Education of Young Children, p. 7

  • What is partnership education?

  • What Is Partnership Education? In Tomorrow?s Children: A Blueprint for Partnership Education in the 21st Century, Riane Eisler describes three core elements of partnership education: process (how we learn and teach), content (what we learn and teach), and structure (where we learn and teach). Partnership education process is how we teach and learn.

  • How are families and staff building partnerships within early childhood services?

  • Within early childhood services, families and staff may be in different stages of building partnerships. Some families and staff may have a relationship, but not yet developed a partnership. Some may be in the process of building a partnership. Others will have built and maintained partnerships over a long

  • How do we support families in early childhood education?

  • In early childhood settings this can involve teams from different disciplines such as education and health and social care teams working in partnership with families to ensure each child鈥檚 individual needs are met.

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