what is looping in early childhood education

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  • Where is looping used in education?

  • Looping and the Elementary Classroom 3 children need to be guided and mentored by one individual during the early years of their education (Little Little, 2001; Ogletree, 1974). Other countries that utilize various forms of looping are Japan, Israel, Sweden, Italy, Jamaica, and China.

  • Should middle schools loop curriculum?

  • When a teacher is willing to loop, they need resources and training for the curriculum of the other year. Don鈥檛 assume a great teacher is enough to be successful. Consider looping for transitional years: The team approach to middle schools lends itself, at least structurally, to consider looping.

  • What grade level is a looping classroom best for?

  • We typically see looping classrooms in the 3rd to 5th grade range, but there is good evidence that looping is very effective with transition years, when students go to middle school or high school. What are the advantages? There are some obvious advantages to looping. Students and teachers have established relationships going into the second year.

  • Should Teachers loop with students?

  • Teachers, when willing, tend to support looping: Any teacher I have known that looped with students swears by it. I personally do not believe that it works for every teacher, but I do believe teachers who are willing to try-and are supported by administration-can have great success with it.

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