what is interdisciplinary early childhood education

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The InterdisciplinaryEarly Childhood Education (IECE) test is designed to measure the professional knowledge and skills of prospective teachers of young children (birth through kindergarten).

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  • Why is interdisciplinary approach important in Pre-K education?

  • As you plan for curriculum and instruction in your pre-k classroom, it’s important to take an interdisciplinary approach. Interdisciplinary, or relating to more than one area of knowledge, connections are encouraged as the most recent best-practices in early childhood education.

  • Why interdisciplinary connections?

  • Why Interdisciplinary Connections? Picture the ideal pre-kindergarten classroom: Kids are laughing and learning through play. They know and understand daily routines. Children practice appropriate sharing, turn-taking, and rules to games.

  • What are the CHS in early childhood education?

  • Ch 1. Development of Young Children Ch 2. Basics of Early Childhood… Ch 3. Influences on Early Childhood… Ch 4. Language Development in Children Ch 5. Atypical Development Delays

  • What does the Early Childhood Development Scholarship cover?

  • *The Early Childhood Development Scholarship is an award granted through KHEAA that will cover the cost of tuition only. Any additional fees are not covered by this grant and will need to be paid by other means. Please contact: Cassie or Leigh at 859 246 6796

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