what is inclusive early childhood education

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  • Why inclusive education in the early years?

  • Abstract Inclusive education (IE) in the early years enhances young children鈥檚 learning, socialization, and development; yet, children with disability are one group that is often isolated, excluded, or marginalized in early childhood education.

  • What is the best book on Inclusive Early Childhood Education?

  • Bartolo, P. A., Bjorck -Akesson, E., Gine, C., Kyriazopoulou, M. (2016). Ensuring a strong start for all children: Inclusive early childhood education and care. In A. Watkins C. Meijer (Eds.), Implementing inclsuive education: Issues in bridging the policy- practice gap( pp. 19鈥?5). Emerald Publishing. Bredekamp, S. (2020).

  • What is an inclusive learning environment?

  • Through inclusive learning and assessment design and delivery, an inclusive environment for learning anticipates the varied needs of learners and aims to ensure that all learners have equal access to learning opportunities throughout their education. Being versatile and flexible. Ensuring consistency and accessibility for all.

  • What are the benefits of inclusive programs for parents?

  • According the The Early Childhood Research Institute on Inclusion (ECRII), parents of children without disabilities participating in inclusive programs report positive changes in their children鈥檚 confidence, self-esteem, and understanding of diversity.

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