what is high quality early childhood education

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Assess the whole child

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  • What is high-quality early childhood education?

  • High-quality early childhood education programs assess the whole child. The National Research Council stresses the importance of using well-planned and effective assessments of children in early learning classrooms in order to improve instruction and program planning.

  • What is high quality child care?

  • For many parents, quality child care is key to balancing work and family, so that parents have peace of mind while they are at work. Other parents may define a high quality program as incorporating tangible school readiness activities, such as pre- or early reading or learning to count,…

  • What is Early Childhood Education?

  • Early learning standards and curricula that address the whole child, are developmentally appropriate, and are effectively implemented. Assessments that consider children鈥檚 academic, social-emotional, and physical progress and contribute to instructional and program planning.

  • Does early childhood education improve student outcomes?

  • A new study from the Harvard Graduate School of Education finds medium- and long-term educational outcomes for children who experience early childhood education (ECE) programs. Researchers from five universities, led by the Harvard Graduate School of Education, analyzed 22 high-quality studies, which were conducted between 1960 and 2016.

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