what is health safety and nutrition in early childhood education

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  • What is early childhood health and nutrition?

  • Early childhood is considered to last from age 2 to ages 6 or 7 and comes with a number of health issues. Learn about the importance of nutrition, health, and safety in early childhood, and discover the two most common concerns of parents.

  • Why is early childhood health and safety important?

  • Early childhood is a critical time in development. Many outcomes, both positive and negative, have their beginnings in these years. It is vital that children鈥檚 health and safety be protected.

  • What makes a successful early childhood education center?

  • Though your State may outline standards for health, safety and nutrition in early childhood education, remember that these are simply the minimum requirements. A successful center will aim to exceed these standards to offer the best possible learning environment for the children in their care.

  • What makes a preschool safe?

  • Physical safety is perhaps the easiest and clearest aspect of preschool safety, however it is not limited to physical structures. Our pedagogical starting point is active learning, which means moving around in the classroom experimenting things and sometimes one鈥檚 own limits.

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