what is engagement in early childhood education

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The early years of a child’s education have been deemed crucial forbuilding family-school connections. Children whose parents and families are engaged in and hold high expectations of their education tend to earn better grades,have higher graduations rates,and are more likely to enroll in postsecondary education.

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  • What is family engagement in early childhood education?

  • The definition of family engagement can vary, depending on whom you ask in early education circles. But generally, family engagement focuses on the importance of positive, interactive relationships between program staff and parents 鈥?relationships that enhance and support children鈥檚 learning.

  • Why is parental engagement in education important?

  • According to Youth.gov, research shows that parental or family engagement in a child鈥檚 education can improve their test scores, attendance, social skills, relationships, behavior and how a child feels about school. Why is family engagement associated with such positive outcomes?

  • What do participants learn in the family engagement program?

  • Participants will learn effective family engagement practices and watch videos of early learning staff interacting with families. They will also discuss their experiences in working with families, try out the suggested practices, and reflect on their own experiences to improve their family engagement efforts.

  • What is an early childhood education (ECE) program?

  • Programs use learning activities at home and in the community to enhance each child鈥檚 early learning and encourage and support families鈥?efforts to create a learning environment beyond the program. Programs invite families to participate in program-level decisions and wider advocacy efforts.

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