what is emergent curriculum in early childhood education

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Emergent curriculum is adevelopmentally appropriate approach to planning for children’s learning in early childhood settings. Through this approach, teachers gain greater understanding of each child’s individual needs, allowing for thoughtful and individualized programming. More on Early Childhood Education and Learning

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  • What is emergent curriculum?

  • Learning in Early Childhood Emergent curriculum is a philosophy of teaching and learning that focuses on planning curriculum in response to the interests, ideas and thoughts of the children themselves.

  • What is the emergent approach to learning?

  • The Emergent approach to learning develops organically from the interests of the children, and our knowledge of each child’s development. Utilizing educational philosophy based in decades of research provides the necessary framework to ensure emergent practices develop with meaning and intention.

  • What is an emergent early childhood philosophy?

  • An emergent teaching philosophy creates just the right formula to provide engaging, meaningful, and inclusive early childhood experiences. This process for implementing an emergent early childhood philosophy remains open to evolution with each new child, family, and teacher.

  • How can teachers support children鈥檚 emergent writing development?

  • Through the following examples, we aim to show how teachers can support young children鈥檚 growth in ways that are important to emergent writing development, with a focus on content knowledge, genre knowledge, and visual literacy.

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