what is early childhood education teacher

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An early childhood educator isone who is certified to work with and teach children from birth to age eight. The term is typically used for teachers,but it may also be used in reference to a daycare provider,teaching assistant,or school administrator.

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  • What is the average age of an early childhood teacher?

  • The National Association of Early Childhood Education Teachers reports early childhood education is for children ages 3 to 8 year old ( www.naecte.org ). This includes teaching in preschool up until the third grade. You introduce reading, math, science and other subjects in ways that are appealing and easily understood by young children.

  • What does an early childhood educator do?

  • Early childhood educators are responsible for caring for and educating young children. The areas of study within this career focus on both the cognitive and social development which includes various activities that engage a students abilities to flourish.

  • What degree do you need to teach early childhood education?

  • Answer: In most circumstances, early childhood educators must have a bachelor鈥檚 degree and a state teacher鈥檚 license with an endorsement in early childhood education. Preschool teachers may only be required to hold an associate鈥檚 degree. Answer: Early childhood is commonly considered infancy to the age of eight.

  • What are the qualities of a good early childhood teacher?

  • Qualities of a Good Early Childhood Education Teacher. Early childhood education (ECE) teachers should be leaders and passionate. That鈥檚 according to current ECE teachers who were asked what qualities make for a good early childhood teacher. We also discovered that a teaching career focused on early childhood offers some special benefits.

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