what is early childhood education administration

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  • What will I learn in an early childhood education administration course?

  • Through a process of self-evaluation, students will develop a professional leadership style appropriate to the role of an administrator of an early childhood education setting. Students will develop techniques to hire and maintain quality staff in an Early Childhood Education program. There are no classes currently scheduled for this course.

  • What is Early Childhood Education (ECE) degree?

  • Early Childhood Education Diploma or recognized equivalent. One post-diploma year working with children in a licensed ECE child care setting. Individual knowledge and experience will be considered in lieu of one year experience. This program has an application process.

  • What does a director of early childhood education do?

  • Administer childcare programs according to required financial management standards and conform to the Child Care and Early Years Act. Design, implement and evaluate marketing strategies specific to ECE programs. Evaluate staff performance and identify professional development opportunities that respond to staff training needs.

  • What does an early childhood curriculum coordinator do?

  • This person approves curriculum, and when also serving as the early childhood curriculum coordinator develops and evaluates curriculum and monitors implementation of curriculum and daily activities for children. This person supervises all staff members and meets the qualifications listed in these regulations.

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