what is documentation in early childhood education

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Documentation in early childhood education is typically seen as ameans to enhance the quality of care and education, and as a way to take account of the child鈥檚 view. Assessment and Documentation in Early Childhood Education considers the increasing trend towards systematic child documentation especially in early childhood institutions.

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  • Why is documentation important in early childhood education?

  • Making learning visible through documentation provides educators information about children鈥檚 learning and progress that may not be evident in formal assessments, checklists and standardized tests. 2. It Enhances Children鈥檚 Learning

  • What is the contribution of pedagogical documentation on Children鈥檚 learning?

  • contributes to children鈥檚 learning, teachers鈥? awareness of learning processes, and parents鈥?gaining a better understanding of learning processes in their children鈥檚 education. Buldu, 艦ahin Y谋lmaz (2018) Explore the contribution of pedagogical documentation on children鈥檚 learning and development as a teaching, learning and

  • How do you search for documentation in early childhood education?

  • systematically searched by using the search terms of 鈥渄ocumentation鈥? 鈥減edagogical documentation鈥? and 鈥減edagogical documentation in early childhood education鈥? Then, a detailed search of the literature was conducted using different combinations of the search terms (e.g., benefits of

  • What are the common documentation practices of children鈥檚 works?

  • presentation of children鈥檚 works are the common documentation practices. Children are less likely to involve in documentation of their daily work. Knauf (2019) Explore the strategies teachers integrate

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