what is diversity in early childhood education

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Effective early childhood education (ECE) professionals understand and embrace diversity鈥?strong>cultural, linguistic, and ability diversity(CLAD). They support the unique and individualized values, strengths, and potential of each child and family.

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  • What is the focus of diversity and inclusion in early years?

  • Diversity and inclusion in the early years. International Journal of Inclusive Education, 14 (2), 195-212. readiness and special education of children with disabilities or learning difficulties. achievement and adjustment. The focus went beyond organizational or structural class through Year 1 and Year 2.

  • How do young children learn about diversity?

  • It is through daily interactions and observations of others鈥?comments and verbal and nonverbal behaviors that young children attribute particular meaning to race, culture and other forms of diversity. By the late preschool years, such understandings inform behavior.

  • What is the value of teaching with an approach to diversity?

  • The approach also emphasizes a teacher鈥檚 capacity to help a child recognize how they are simultaneously different and similar to others, which helps children foster an ability to comfortably and empathetically engage with people from all backgrounds.

  • What challenges do diverse learners present to early鈥恲ears teachers?

  • The emphasis on inclusion of diverse learners presents challenges to early鈥恲ears teachers, particularly those whose understandings have been framed by notions of school readiness and of special education for children with disabilities.

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