what is curriculum in early childhood education

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Physical developmentLanguage and literacyMathScienceCreative (the visual and performing arts)Diversity (social science and history)Health and safety

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  • What is early childhood curriculum development?

  • Early childhood curriculum development can be a challenging yet fun process for any preschool teacher. It is an opportunity to impact a child鈥檚 educational experience while trying new activities that are designed to impact the core learning areas.

  • What is curriculum for young children?

  • Curriculum for young children is physical and relational, and it happens in strong communication with families. A solid early childhood curriculum can really set students up to succeed and feel safe in school. To unlock this lesson you must be a Study.com Member.

  • What is creative curriculum?

  • The creative curriculum is innovative. It asks that teachers and school districts use resources, teaching strategies, and tools that are conducive to better early childhood education. Because of the nature of innovation, what a teacher may implement one year may prove obsolete in the next.

  • Do teachers have a say in the curriculum in early childhood?

  • Typically, teachers will have a say in the curriculum in their own early childhood classroom. They also have to make sure the lesson plans meet a certain set of criteria that has been put in place by the administration or school district. Below are five tips to help teachers put together a complete early childhood curriculum.

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