what is cultural competence in early childhood education

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Cultural competence in early childhood education is anopportunity to increase the sense of belonging of individualswhile enabling groups of young people to become more aware of our differences and similarities.

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  • How do you approach cultural competence in your early childhood education classroom?

  • When approaching cultural competence in your early childhood education classroom it is necessary to find resources and materials that are culturally relevant and accurate and that are created by people from the culture being described. Take necessary steps to approach cultural education with respect and care.

  • What is cultural competency and why is it important?

  • Cultural competence is one of the key components of high-quality early care and education programs and has been shown to promote empathy, inclusion, and healthy identity development. So how can we promote cultural competency among young children?

  • What is a culturally competent teacher?

  • Culturally competent teachers establish classrooms that are inclusive and celebratory of the things that make people different. These classrooms are rich in discussions of cultural differences and what is acceptable and unacceptable among groups of people.

  • Why is it important to promote cultural differences in early childhood?

  • As children鈥檚 social and cultural environment influences their learning and brain development, early childhood is the time to promote and celebrate cultural difference, to nurture positive views of multiculturalism in the future.

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