what is code of ethics in early childhood education

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NAEYC 鈥淐ode of Ethical Conduct鈥?/div>

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  • What is the history of the Code of ethics in education?

  • Beginning in the 1970s, motivated by the publication of Lilian Katz and Evangeline Ward鈥檚 book Ethical Behavior in Early Childhood Education (1978; 1991), members of NAEYC expressed the need for a code of ethics to help them respond consistently to the ethical issues encountered in their work.

  • What is the early childhood educators of BC Code of ethics?

  • The Early Childhood Educators of BC (ECEBC) Code of Ethics represents the collective beliefs, values, and ethics that early childhood educators in British Columbia share. The 10 principles guide us in our daily professional practice with children, families, and colleagues.

  • What is the NAEYC code of ethics?

  • The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) is a national body that supports early childhood education providers in maintaining high standards of educational ethics and works hard to protect the rights of all children. It does this by producing a code of ethics in early education that providers must abide by.

  • What is the purpose of the ethics of early childhood professionals?

  • They reflect current pedagogical research and practice, providing a set of statements about the ethical responsibilities and expected behaviour of early childhood professionals who work with or on behalf of children and families in early childhood settings.

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