what is authentic assessment in early childhood education

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Authenticassessment is a powerful tool for early childhood educators to analyze information gathered during everyday classroom activities and routines in order to understand each unique child鈥檚 development.

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  • What is assessment in early childhood education?

  • What is assessment in early childhood education? Assessment can be defined as 鈥榯he ways in which, in our everyday practice, we observe children鈥檚 learning, strive to understand it, and then put our understanding to good use鈥?[i].

  • What is authentic assessment practice?

  • Authentic assessment practice guides teachers to see children in a strengths-based way, rather than in terms of potential deficits or challenging behaviors.

  • Should kindergarten teachers use authentic assessment?

  • Increasingly, kindergarten teachers are taking an interest in authentic assessment as an alternative to tests that can be anxiety-inducing and developmentally inappropriate for young children.

  • Why do we conduct assessments?

  • Proposes a fourth reason for assessment: accountability. This purpose means assessments are conducted with children so that early childhood centers can demonstrate how they have been working with children and families to address governmental requirements associated with the provision of early childhood and/or primary education.

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