what is an aa in early childhood education

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Associate in Arts

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  • Why choose an AA in early childhood education?

  • The courses throughout this degree are taught by professionals with real-world experience in education and child care settings. Our AA in Early Childhood Education is offered completely online. This allows you to remain active in your job, family, and community without worrying about taking courses on campus.

  • What is an associate degree in early childhood education?

  • Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education. The Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education is a 60-credit-hour, 4-semester program that provides 24 credit hours of general education plus specialized education in a student鈥檚 focus area. It covers theories and techniques for fun and effective learning in courses like curriculum development,…

  • What classes do you take for an AA in elementary education?

  • A liberal arts curriculum, including classes in English, history, the natural sciences, social science and the humanities are offered in associate鈥檚 degree programs. Courses leading to an AA degree in elementary education provide classes and subject matter, such as: Child growth and development.

  • What is the difference between as and AA degrees?

  • While a student in an AS or AA degree program will get all their general curriculum classes 鈥渙ut of the way鈥?before they enter their bachelor鈥檚 degree program, the typical AAA or AAS student will earn a degree with a narrower range of classes that directly support their major.

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