what is a rating scale in early childhood education

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Formative assessment tool

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  • What is the ECE rating scale?

  • Early Childhood Environmental Education Rating Scale Early Childhood Environmental Education Rating Scale A formative evaluation tool to help programs improve nature education for young children Yash Bhagwanji, Ph.D. In partnership with the North American Association for Environmental Education

  • What is early childhood environmental education rating scale?

  • Early Childhood Environmental Education Rating Scale Page 53 Inquiry-basedDevelopment of questioning and analytical skills through exploration and discovery. Interdisciplinary Activities or experiences that relate to multiple content or subject areas such as creative arts, dance, literacy, math, music, science, social studies, etc.

  • What is the rating scale?

  • The same rating scale should be used each time in order to determine areas of strengths, identify practices needing improvement, and chart improvements made over time. A team of evaluators will meet, discuss, and rate a score for each specific guideline based on consensus, represented on a scale from 1 to 7.

  • Where did the level 1 rating scale come from?

  • Level 1. The 32 items in the rating scale were derived from the recommended guidelines in the Early Childhood Environmental Education Programs: Guidelines for Excellence (NAAEE, 2010).

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