what is a rating scale in early childhood education

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Formative assessment tool

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  • What is the eceers rating scale?

  • The Early Childhood Environmental Education Rating Scale (ECEERS) is a formative evaluation tool designed to assist programs in improving their environmental education curriculum. Private and public early childhood programs, be it center-based child development or family day care

  • What is early childhood environmental education rating scale?

  • Early Childhood Environmental Education Rating Scale Page 53 Inquiry-basedDevelopment of questioning and analytical skills through exploration and discovery. Interdisciplinary Activities or experiences that relate to multiple content or subject areas such as creative arts, dance, literacy, math, music, science, social studies, etc.

  • What is a rating scale in education?

  • By adding a rating scale, an educator can rate the quality, frequency or ease with which a child uses a certain skill. If you were to add a rating scale to your checklist, it might look like this: Once you begin filling it in, it could look something like this:

  • Why do educators use checklists and rating scales?

  • Sometimes educators feel limited by a checklist because this method only allows the observer to record if a child uses a specific skill or not. In this case, they might choose to add a rating scale to their observations.

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