what is a rating scale in early childhood education

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Formative assessment tool

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  • What is the revised early childhood environment rating scale?

  • Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale, Revised (ECERS-R) The revised ECERS contains inclusive and culturally sensitive indicators for many items. Also, new items have been added on Interaction (staff-child, child-child and discipline), Curriculum (nature/science and math/number) Health Safety and Parents Staff.

  • What is the ECE rating scale?

  • Early Childhood Environmental Education Rating Scale Early Childhood Environmental Education Rating Scale A formative evaluation tool to help programs improve nature education for young children Yash Bhagwanji, Ph.D. In partnership with the North American Association for Environmental Education

  • What is a rating scale in education?

  • By adding a rating scale, an educator can rate the quality, frequency or ease with which a child uses a certain skill. If you were to add a rating scale to your checklist, it might look like this: Once you begin filling it in, it could look something like this:

  • Why do educators use checklists and rating scales?

  • Sometimes educators feel limited by a checklist because this method only allows the observer to record if a child uses a specific skill or not. In this case, they might choose to add a rating scale to their observations.

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