what is a portfolio in early childhood education

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Pedagogical documentation strategy

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  • Are child portfolios in early childhood settings necessary?

  • Child Portfolios in Early Years Education – How to make them effective. Child Portfolios in Early Childhood Settings 鈥?Are they Necessary? One of the questions I am most often asked by other educators working in the early childhood profession with the EYLF outcomes is 鈥淒o you do child portfolios?鈥?The short answer is NO.

  • What is a portfolio in the preschool classroom?

  • Portfolios in the preschool classroom aren’t just for teachers to use. These documentation-assessment systems also provide keen insight into the child’s school life for parents and other family members.

  • What is the EYLF child portfolio?

  • With the introduction of the EYLF there has been the introduction of the child portfolio. Portfolios are considered the most common form of documentation to show families their child鈥檚 progress throughout the year and then given to families to take home at the end of the year.

  • What is a portfolio and why do I need one?

  • It is usually a folder containing samples of child鈥檚 work and photos of experiences the child was involved in throughout the year. However, it has become much more than a folder for storing artwork and photos so to speak. Portfolios are a journey of a child鈥檚 learning…. What are Portfolios?

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