what does tosa stand for in education

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Teacher on Special Assignment

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  • What is a Tosa assessment?

  • Tosa: an International Standard Used by thousands of companies, K12, Higher education institutions and training organizations around the world, Tosa is an international standard for digital skills assessment and certification.

  • Is Tosa recognized in the US?

  • Tosa is officially recognized in the United States (Florida, Oklahoma, Virginia, Wyoming, and South Carolina), Canada, the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands. It is offered by more than 1,400 accredited centers and used in 58 countries. Who are we?

  • What are the benefits of being Tosa certified?

  • Being Tosa certified proves to prospective or current employers that an individual has the right skills for the job. Delivering a score out of 1,000, Tosa certifications can easily be added to professional social networks and resumes or incorporated into academic curriculums and training programs.

  • Is Tosa technology being used in alpine?

  • This is the first time TOSA technology is being used in an Alpine region. The DML based TOSA modules will ensure short lead times and continuity of supply which can be critical for our customers. (6) Additionally, most employers are not considered custodians because an employer typically does not have a TOSA with an employee.

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