what does it mean to be an early childhood educator

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Early childhood education is essential to child development,and early childhood teachers are,too. Being an early childhood educator meansbeing adaptive,creative,and compassionate. It means guiding little ones as they explore themselves and the world around them. It means being a protector,a facilitator,a guide and an advocate for each child.

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  • What is it like to be an early childhood educator?

  • Being an early childhood educator gives you the opportunity to truly support children in getting the best start in life. In a career as an educator in the early childhood education sector, you will definitely spend time with children, but what else is involved?

  • Why Early Childhood Education (ECE)?

  • Early Childhood Education (ECE) is the cornerstone of the foundation of educational development for all children. It is during this time when children have the best opportunity for long-term success in learning and developing. Early childhood education is defined as the education of children from birth through grade three, or age eight.

  • Why earn an early childhood education degree in Philadelphia?

  • This in-demand degree program allows students to get real-world experience that makes a difference in the lives of children within the Philadelphia community. What is Early Childhood Education? What is Early Childhood Education? Early childhood education describes the period of learning that takes place from birth to 8 years old.

  • What are the different types of early childhood education programs?

  • There are several types of early education programs, including those that are federal, state or privately funded. The curricula and approach often vary at the preschool level, but there are generally agreed-upon standards for the types of learning addressed in early childhood education settings.

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