what do early childhood educators make

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Early childhood educators who achieved an early childhood degree made an expected annual salary of$ 30,750. The top ten percent of graduates from an early childhood degree program earned an expected annual salary of $ 48,660, while the lowest ten percent earned $ 18,090, per year.

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  • How much does an early childhood teacher make?

  • Additional certifications also factor into a professional’s average annual income. The average national salary for an early childhood teacher in the United States is $13.69 per hour. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Indeed at the time of this article, here is a list of average annual salaries by state:

  • How much do child educators make with a bachelor鈥檚 degree in education?

  • Average top salaries are offered across all states for child educators holding Bachelor鈥檚 degrees in education in such jobs as: 1. Early Childhood Education Specialist 鈥?This preschool instructional and counseling position pays an average salary of $35,000 per year.

  • What does an early childhood education teacher do?

  • An early childhood education teacher, your primary tasks are to prepare young people for the greatest chance of success throughout their entire educational careers.

  • What qualifications do you need to be an early childhood educator?

  • Education Requirement: Associates degree (or higher) in Early Childhood Education or related field Experience working with children and families in early childhood education settings. Must …

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